Getting the Most Out of Your Doctor Visit

When visiting your doctor, it's always helpful to plan ahead to get the most out of your visit. Following the tips below will help you prepare:

  • If you are a new patient, bring copies of your medical records and if available, fill out the new patient paperwork ahead of time.
  • If you are a new patient of Resurrection Medical Group and would like to fill out our forms before you first visit, they are available in printer friendly format.
  • Check with your health insurance provider to make sure the physician is participating in your insurance plan. Have your insurance card handy at your appointment.
  • Make notes to bring with you:
    • Write down the reason for your visit and any symptoms you are experiencing.
    • Make a list of questions you have for your doctor. Jotting them down will help you remember to ask them.
    • Bring a list of the current medications you are taking both over-the-counter and prescription.
    • Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you don't understand, ask your doctor to explain again.
  • If you are referred for tests, understand what you are to get and why. Your physician will contact you when your results are available and advise you of what your follow up should be.
  • Keep your scheduled follow up appointments. If you need to cancel, give the office as much notice as possible, and be sure to reschedule.

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